Grant MacKenzie Sr.
Luxury Home Specialist

Grant's "Medicare" Birthday


Birthday Celebration on the beach in Playa Encanto…………………….

  • We continue to make memories at our beautiful home in Playa Encanto. 
  • This time we celebrated Grant’s “Medicare” birthday. 


  • Weather was perfect, sunsets beautiful and burgers fantastic!  Everyone was on the beach or playing cribbage on the patio. Part of our family, Vince, Cindi and Dylan came from Mesa and Grant, Yvette, and Nathan from Phoenix. Dylan our 17 year old grandson started coming when he was a baby. Our youngest grandson, 2 year old Nathan loved playing in the sand; a child’s paradise. Our neighbor for 13 years, Margie Potualski joined us with her family Scott and Cathy Potualski and Michael and Dawn Potualski.


  • Cigars, music, lots of laughter under a star packed sky. Even had apple strudel from Coffee’s Haus and Cathy brought a wishing balloon to launch. Branden and Reyna found a lot of old pictures and made a birthday CD for “Pops” as the boys call Grant. Going down memory lane in Rocky Point is a gift we treasure. We bought “casa de sueños” on our 25th wedding anniversary and it’s been our anniversary present of a life time for us, our family and friends.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Come to Rocky Point and build your family tradition……….it’s a dream come true!