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Okay this is different, but I spent my youngest years growing up in Hong Kong due to my father accepting an engineering job there.  No, I'm afraid I don't speak Chinese!  When I was 9 years old, we moved to San Jose, California.  There I started my first career as a singer/dancer.  I was lucky enough to perform at various international theme parks and on cruise ships sailing around the world.  As you can tell, international travel has always been a part of my life.

Once in my 30's, healthcare called to me and I became an RN.  Although I loved the bonds sometimes established between nurses and patients, I found another niche.  It's called Clinical Informatics, which is basically IT (Information Technology) for healthcare.  Well, I really flourished in this realm as I LOVE computers and technology!  I had fun all day teaching doctors and nurses how to use the electronic charting system.  I can tell you that not all clinicians think computers are fun, but I sure enjoyed the occasional high-five when I'd share a trick that made their charting easier!

Along the way, I've also had a passion for real estate.  Now, I help people like you buy and sell beautiful homes along the amazing beach in Rocky Point, Mexico.  I really couldn't be happier!  I genuinely feel this is the most exciting and rewarding phase of my life.  Every property out there is perfect for someone.  I don't consider myself a salesperson. I see myself as a matchmaker.  Let me help you find your match!

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