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Positive situation in Puerto Peñasco attracts investment

by Jose Antonio Perez, JoinUS Newspaper, on Feb 1, 2012

Mayor highlights plans of Donald Trump, Jr. and installation of two new franchises

Puerto Peñasco’s direction toward recovery is a generating factor for investment, proof of this are plans of Donald Trump Jr. to invest here, as well as the arrival of new franchises already under construction, declared Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro.
During a press conference, the Mayor remarked in the case of the New York businessman and Executive Vice President of Trump International, the latter stated that Puerto Peñasco would be the first city in Latin American where he would invest once there are signs of economic recovery in the U.S.

The Mayor reported this after Trump Jr. paid another visit to the city and met with Sonora Governor Guillermo Padrés Elías, along with members from the private sector, following his visit in 2010 where he made known their interest in investing principally within the realm of real estate.
Zepeda Munro indicated though there is no concrete date as to when these new investments would be made within real estate, particularly for hotels, they would indeed have a positive impact on the city’s growth while improving the economic situation.

Along with the interest of Donald Trump, Jr., furthered the Mayor, “Sam’s Club” and “Auto Zone” franchises will be opening in coming months, representing the creation of new jobs and more options for consumers.
He clarified they do not know how much will be invested, nor how many new jobs will be created, yet the “Auto Zone” franchise will be built at the intersection of Blvd. Ocaña and Blvd. Benito Juárez while “Sam’s Club” will be next to Bodega Aurrerá.

Zepeda Munro stressed that based on studies they have done, and support received from the State and city government, is why foreign businesses are choosing this city as the first for investments in Mexico.
The City Leader stressed the interests of various investment groups in betting on this tourism spot, contributing to the growth of the population as well as providing more options for residents in acquiring goods and services.