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“choices by the seashore”

Rocky Point’s “good day” News…………………………………………………………………………

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  Helen Keller

What do you want to do today?  What one thing will stand out when your day’s done?  Where does this question take you?  Take a few minutes and “play” with it. 

Remember when you were a child and “curiosity” was your sand box.  It was where you lived and played.  Today, I see our 19 month old grandson bending over and peaking around a corner to see what’s there.  The look of curiosity is all over his face.  It is a joy to watch. 

With curiosity as your foundation what do you want to achieve today?  How will it stand out when your day’s done?  Who will you do this with?  Who is your “together” partner? 

Together, a walk on the beach is so much more fun.  Holding hands with a child and seeing his delight has a way of touching your heart and reminding you how valuable time spent with loved ones really is.  What about a walk at sunset with the love of your life, hand in hand, being captured in the moment, saying I love you and kissing at water’s edge…………….together you’ve created a memory. 

Please be in touch and share your magical together times in Rocky Point.  I’d love to hear from you and pass on the treasures of our home by the sea, Rocky Point, Mexico.  Together we can do so much for the paradise we love and call home.

‘choices by the seashore”
Rocky Point’s “good day” News…………………………………………………
“buy land they’re not making it anymore” Mark Twain 
Investor’s “wanted” to be part of Rocky Point’s amazing opportunities and create a “legacy” too!   
Today we’ll share “bits and pieces” about Rocky Point. Imagine you’re strolling on the white sandy beach with the warm blue water lapping at your feet, a sunset in the distance and a charming guide making it all come alive. Ready, camera, action:
Who would ever think we’d have a German chef in Rocky Point. 
Uwe Holtze, Master Pastry Chef and a baker certificate title, owns Coffee’s Haus restaurant with his wife Lily. From Germany to Canada to Boston and now Rocky Point Uwe’s journey is Rocky Point’s “good news”.
Uwe and Lily opened Coffee’s Haus in July of 2005. When they arrived in Rocky Point Lily’s family were the only people Uwe knew. Named after their dog “Coffee” Uwe and Lily offer “food you’d like to eat at home” only better. Fresh ingredients with a German flare are always part of the menu. Specials of the day and special customer service make the atmosphere one you want to return to again and again. 
Uwe and Lily want you to feel you’re coming to their home. The top level of the restaurant (by the cuckoo clock) has family pictures, in one corner you’ll find a collection of pictures from a puppet museum in Germany and pictures from France are part of the main dining area. It all gives you a very at home cozy feeling.  
The homemade pastries are featured in the glass case next to the expresso machines. Uwe’s apple strudel with vanilla sauce is often ordered first. It’s a true Austrian recipe that’s decadent. The one of a kind hamburger is another favorite, with bacon, cheese and sautéed onions on a homemade roll.  Belgian waffles and fresh vegetable omelet’s are always a hit.
Uwe’s dream is to open a “pastry shop” in Puerto Penasco with a sidewalk café ambiance. Until then Coffee’s Haus is open Tuesday through Saturday 7:30 to 4:00 and Sunday 7:30 to 2:00 (breakfast only). You can call for special catered items like chocolate truffle cake, strawberry mousse cake, unique menus for private parties and more. 638 388 1065
Coffee’s Haus is located at Blvd. Benito Juarez No. 216-B left hand side on the way to the “Malecon” across from the shrimp boats. www.coffeeshaus.com
Uwe and Lily give Rocky Point a very personal touch with their home made breads, continental cuisine and inviting “at home” feeling.  Come experience “old world” flavor the next time you visit our fishing village by the sea. 
Moving right along who would believe we have our own “CONCIERGE on the beach”, Rocky Point Resources. How’s this for service: “you break it, we’ll fix it”, “you want it, we’ll get it”, “you dream it, we’re on it”, restaurant delivery, catering, spa services, babysitting, auto and condo repairs, and more! www.rockypointyourway.com email: info@rockypointyourway.com Rocky Point Resources goal is to meet and exceed customers needs.
All your FISHING fans come on down to Rocky Point. The 2nd Annual Deep Sea Fishing Tournament is June 13th and 14th for more information call 602 288 6710 or visit www.cometorockypoint.com
FYI our weather’s beautiful, fresh cool mornings, warm sunny afternoons perfect for the beach and twilight sunsets that paint the sky red.

Moving on down the beach: Come live your dream at “the private door” PUERTA PRIVADA the only non rental beachfront condo development in Rocky Point. Puerta Privada a vacation retreat, retirement paradise or second home you want to return to again and again. It is the exclusive beachfront community where dreams come true. Each unit has an unobstructed view of the Sea of Cortez. The amenities at Puerta Privada are top of the line. A Lifestyle fitness center looks out to the sea, a game room for young and not so young featuring shuffleboard, darts, pool table, air hockey and more is a popular spot and the owner’s clubhouse is the ultimate location for a wedding reception, reunion or afternoon socializing. An on-site model is open daily from 9 to 5 and you can take a virtual tour of the current listings at www.puertaprivada.info or call 602 334 4359 or e-mail grant.remax@gmail.com for additional information or to schedule a private appointment. Puerta Privada is the premier property on Sandy Beach and Rocky Point is an investment opportunity you want to be part of today.
How about those STRAWBERRIES? Nature’s candy is bursting with flavor and Rocky Point has a delicious supply. Berry trivia – low in fat and calories, high in vitamin C the only fruit with seeds on the outside. Visit our many fresh produce vendors.
Who will you find along our sea shore? As Mexico is the top retirement haven, 1st place in two Annual Retirement Indexes and more than 1 million Americans call Mexico home you will see many of them strolling our beaches, enjoying the culture, affordable living and pristine ocean. American retires of all ages are part of Rocky Point’s beach front community. 
Until next month remember: “choices like footprints leave a lasting impression”, come visit Rocky Point, Mexico, it’s a choice you’ll always remember.
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