Children of all ages treat their Mother’s to something special on Mother’s Day each year.

It is the one day out of the year when children, young and old, try to show in a tangible way how much they appreciate their moms. On Mother’s Day morning many American children serve their mothers breakfast in bed while others will give their mother’s gifts which they have made themselves or bought in stores.

Mother’s Day is in honour of the best mother who ever lived- the mother in your heart

Anna Jarvis, 1864 – 1948 (Founder of Mother’s Day celebration in the US)

Mother's Day is an occasion that respects your mother and gives her tribute for everything she has done for the sake of her family. As Tenneva Jorden says, "A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." Such is the heart of a mother. This day, take the opportunity and highlight your intimate feelings for her which you haven't done for a while. Celebrate this Mother's Day giving her the vibes of being special and unique. Mother's Day is celebrated throughout the world, though on different dates across various countries. Mark this day as a tribute to your mother for all the love and support she's offered you.

Why Is Mother's Day Special
The unique and strong bond which you share with your mother cannot be compared ever. Warmth, affection, compassion and love are the words that have true meaning when mentioned with respect to a mother. She has a great impact in your life, your character and behavior as well. The numerous sacrifices she makes to make you happy, the love and care she provides to keep you cozy and the joy she kept away for your sake is truly unquestionable. Here's a day where you have to make her feel on top of the world. Gift her some beautiful moments, which she will cherish forever. 

Mother's Day was considered to be highly traditional and was celebrated by honoring antiquities with rituals under the symbolic and spiritual influence. The Goddesses and symbols were worshipped rather than actual mothers like today. During the ancient days, the maternal objects of admiration consisted mythological deities, symbols, etc. While in England, during 1600 it was considered to be a compassionate holiday and hence they showed respect towards the working class. With respect to this, the trader workers and the servants were allowed to travel to their native place and could spend leisure time with their family.

Mother's Day is celebrated usually on the second Sunday in the month of May in countries like India, United States, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Canada, Germany, Greece, Japan, etc. Without wasting much time, find out when the occasion falls in your part of the country and plan a huge treat for her.


 Mother's Day Date USA:
2012 - May 13 
2013 - May 12
2014 - May 11

2015 - May 10





Mother's Day / Mothering Sunday Date UK:
2012 - March 18
2013 - March 10
2014 - March 30
2015 - March 15
2016 - March 06