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Foreign retired residents, as well as immigrants are entitled to take their household effects into Mexico. A list of such effects must be certified by the Mexican Consulate for Customs in Mexico. The requirements to be met are as follows:


- FM3 or FM2 issued in his name.

- A typed list of household effects, in Spanish, accompanied by four additional photocopies, listing all items to be imported. Brand, model and serial numbers must be stated when listing electrical appliances.

- Pay the consular fee of $127 usd (could change without previous notice)


Once the household effects list has been visaed, all furniture and appliances must enter the country within the next six months as of the date of the issue of the immigration form. Household effects can be brought into Mexico only once per family in a lifetime without a special permit from Mexican Customs.

If you require some help for translation of your household effects list, RE/MAX can provide it for a small fee.

The consulate address in phoenix is :

1990 West Camelback Rd y 19Ave.  

Phones (602) 242 7398, (602) 242 3649  Fax (602) 995 7496 (spanish only)