Why Are One Million Americans Moving to Mexico?

For some people, Mexico brings images of corruption and bribery...

But that's the Mexico popularized by newspapers and television.

There's a real side of Mexico that you rarely see...

And it’s the reason Americans are moving south of the border in droves.

In many ways, Mexico today is like the U.S. was 50 years ago–before big government, big business, and special interests whittled away the lifestyle our parents took for granted...

Then, neighbors still trusted one another... and you could afford to raise a family on one income... People were more family-focused... more relaxed. They didn’t worry about random violence, mass shootings in schools and shopping malls... Life seemed safer... children could ride bicycles around town... they didn't worry about being abducted.

There was less crime... and less crime-fighting.

Unfortunately, that life is now gone in the U.S. But in Mexico, it's still much like that today. There, life is still relaxed, simple, and affordable...

You can still get quality health care without spending a fortune each month. For instance, the government-funded health care uses the same high-tech medical procedures that are available north of the border. But the cost is significantly less–only $270 per year.

That's your cost without any additional co-pay or deductible... and it includes all of your medications.

You can get car insurance from as little as $540 per year. And, you can live comfortably, even hire a housekeeper–on just $2,000 per month.

Our staff has traveled extensively throughout Mexico. Some have even moved and live there today. They've investigated the best places you can still live a good, happy life... without giving up the conveniences you're used to.

And we've written a report based on their findings. It's called “Mexico's Overlooked Retirement Havens – Retire in luxury without spending a fortune.”

I'd like to send you this report FREE if you'll also agree to have a no-risk look at the newly updated Mexico – The Owner's Manual...

What most people don't know about Mexico

Unfortunately, most people never see the real Mexico. They get their ideas about Mexico from the resorts and tourist shops they visit on their holidays.

“According to UN statistics, you're 3 times more likely to be a victim of crime in the U.S. than you are in Mexico.”

But that description isn't any more accurate than a person visiting Disneyland, assuming they have seen the U.S.

And, for these people, Mexico outside the tourist areas is the Mexico they've seen on television... much like the old Wild West that the U.S. was so long ago.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to what the press would have us believe, Mexico is actually safer than the U.S.

According to UN statistics, you're 3 times more likely to be a victim of crime in the U.S. than you are in Mexico.

Recent FBI statistics paint the picture even more clearly... The murder rate (per 100,000 people) in Baltimore is 43.3... in WashingtonDC it is 29.1... and in Detroit 47.3... But in Mexico, the murder rate again is just a third of that... about 13.

Anyone can tell you that there are certain neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Washington, or Detroit you should avoid. That's where the crimes happen.  Likewise, people living in Mexico would tell you about isolated areas in their country (like in Mexico City, or those along the border) that you should avoid.

Unfortunately, when people vacation, they often leave their common sense at home. And sometimes they do risky things they wouldn't otherwise do.

The truth is, people in Mexico are more honest, friendly, and welcoming than the media would have you believe.

And there is a lot more to Mexico that most people just don't know...

  • According to U.S. government figures, Mexico's economy moved ahead of Canada's last year, making it the 12th largest economy in the world.
  • BusinessWeek reported on Mexico's growth too, saying, “The ranks of that middle class have swelled to record levels... Millions have access to mortgages, solid jobs provide security, and a class of strivers saves to put its kids through college.”
  • Unlike the U.S., Mexico is one of the world's largest oil exporters and sells 1.7 billion barrels of oil to the U.S. each day. As a result, Mexico's economy is actually strengthened by today's rising oil prices.
  • Mexico's stock market has also taken off. In fact, over the past five years, Mexican markets have outperformed U.S. stocks (as measured by the S&P500) by 10 to 1.
  • This year, Mexico's government has launched a 5-year, $250 billion program to build new highways, railways, airports and ports throughout the country.
  • And today, there are countless state-of-the-art hospitals and care homes being built specifically to service the aging baby boomers arriving from north of the border.

Mexico can give you all the conveniences of modern life that you're used to. It has a stable government and a First-World infrastructure, including high-speed internet, mobile telephone networks, high-tech medicine, paved multi-lane freeways, and much more.

Yet for millions of people, Mexico is still largely undiscovered. They know nothing, or very little, of the wonderful benefits this country has to offer.

But with the amount of changes taking place, we don't believe that the real Mexico will stay undiscovered for long...

North America's favorite retirement destination

Some places in Mexico have long since become famous among expats.

Areas like LakeChapala or San Miquel de Allende are virtual expat havens, with tens of thousands of Americans and Canadians living there. If you stay at either of these places, chances are, your neighbors will be from north of the border. And if it wasn't for the inexpensive yet luxurious lifestyle, you may not even know that you weren't back at home.

You can still move to either place and enjoy the laid-back Mexican way of life. But property prices here have already gone up. And the best deals are long gone.

But there are other places in Mexico where few expats have treaded.

Places where white sandy beaches stretch for miles...where shallow lagoons swarm with thousands of flamingos, pelicans and other exotic birds. Where the water is warm and calm... and children can swim safely.

“...some days you may not see a soul. And when you do, you'll see most people getting around by golf carts.”

Amazingly, one of these paradises is only minutes from places you've already heard of. Yet you won't find many tourists on this part of the Caribbean coast.

In fact, some days you may not see a soul. And when you do, you'll see most people getting around by golf carts. And in town, the local restaurants are known for their dish of fresh fish and shrimp–marinated with lime, tomatoes, vinegar, oil, cilantro, and garlic.

Windsurfing and kiteboarding are popular pastimes for the few who've discovered this secret paradise.

It's also one of the few places you can snorkel with the nearly extinct whale shark...a gentle and docile, 40-foot long species that swim at only three miles per hour. (You can swim with this giant fish without any risk, apart from perhaps unintentionally being swatted by a large tail fin.)

Today, there are no high-rise condos in town…but that may soon change.

A well-connected businessman, Coca-Cola executive, and friend of former president Vincente Fox, has already bought 20 parcels on this coast. And more parcels were snatched up by other well-informed individuals.

This area is on the verge of a large property boom. According to the government's Director of Tourism and Development, a new 6,500-foot runway and airport is not far behind.

Today, beachfront properties here are still off most people's radar...and still affordable. You can snatch one for as low as $64,000. But obviously, this situation won't last for long...

We'll give you all the details, and show you other places as well, in Mexico – The Owner's Manual...

Vibrant reefs...Sunken ships...Ancient ruins...





In Mexico – The Owner's Manual, you'll get to go where few tourists have gone before...


You'll explore the emerald-green reefs of the Caribbean, where you can explore sunken Spanish galleons and swim with hundreds of colorful fish. (Jacques Cousteau called this one of the five best dive spots on earth.)

We'll take you to the Colonial highlands, with eternally spring-like weather... You'll see recently discovered Mayan ruins...and Mexico's sprawling rainforests.

These forests boast pumas, monkeys, iguanas and ocelots...over 1,000 bird species... and 375 species of plants you won't find anywhere else on earth.

You'll also find some of the best places to play outdoors:

  • A tiny Pacific coastal village where you can surf world-class waves...or an undiscovered lake that's perfect for waterskiing, windsurfing or kitesurfing...
  • You'll fish for marlin, sailfish, dorado, barracuda, mackerel and yellow jack...dune buggy to remote beaches...kayak in hidden, tranquil bays... spot blue whales...ride horses through rolling countryside...
  • You can visit the peaceful fishing village of Platanitos where endangered sea turtles come to lay their eggs. Far from cityscapes and streetlights, you can walk the beach at night with the moon lighting your way...where the only footprints belong to you and your sweetheart.

Here you'll find Spanish style villas nestled between coconut palms selling for one quarter of the price you'd expect to pay in the U.S.

No wonder Kiplinger's calls Mexico “one of the most popular retirement havens.”

When you turn the pages of Mexico – The Owner's Manual, you'll also discover...

The City of Mansions





We'll take you to our favorite retirement spot...an old colonial city, founded in the 17th century...In the days when sisal plantations surrounded this town...and wealthy barons built their sprawling mansions.



Today, this city has more colonial mansions than any other in Mexico. Within it you'll find private terraces with arched doorways and frescoed walls...And in the center, open-air courtyards come to life with plants and statue-covered fountains.

Outside, the city streets are paved with hand-laid tiles. Sidewalk cafes bustle with people sipping iced coffees in the shade of awnings and trees.

The oldest cathedral in the Americas overlooks the main square–where university students enjoy free outdoor Wi-Fi Internet on their laptops...and people dance to free concerts on Saturday nights.

Amazingly, in this City of Mansions, you can still find spacious colonial homes, with center courtyards, going for as little as $53,000.

Beyond the outrageous property bargains this place harbors, it also hides a world of exotic adventures, classical art and hidden treasures. Here, you can...

  • Explore the vast underground lakes, caves, and lagoons that stretch for hundreds of miles...
  • Enjoy plays, operas, and ballet in a classical Italian architecture playhouse (Admission is often just $3)...
  • Check out the recently opened museum...with the Mayan and Spanish Conquest exhibitions (Admission is free)...
  • Listen to world-class jazz at the popular jazz club...
  • Discover the ancient kingdom of the Mayas and the vast pyramids and temples they left behind.

For centuries, these places were kept secret, known only to a very few. But you'll get to explore them in Mexico – The Owner's Manual!

“Mexico is, “Bargain numero uno.”
– Fortune Magazine





More International Living readers have retired to Mexico than to any other country we write about.


“It’s the quality of life” that we hear the most about. Some talk of the relaxed pace and the smiling faces of the local people...others mention the small-town feel and the comfort of safe streets...or the non-intrusive government, where politics don't matter so much.

But whatever their initial remarks, they all agree: Your money buys more south of the border...and that makes for a decidedly comfortable life.

When you can afford to hire a maid, a cook, and a gardener, all of a sudden you have time to read...to golf in the mornings...relax on the beach...to savor life.

In fact, you can enjoy all of the modern conveniences of life, including state-of-the-art medical coverage...and all of the benefits of Mexico, including hired domestic help...for $20,000 per year.

And Mexico's easy visa programs help make your retirement dream easy.

Unlike other retirement havens, you don't need to pay hundreds of thousands to become a resident. You can import your personal belongings duty free. (Including your car, if you wish.)

There are a number of visas for you to choose from–depending on your specific needs...whether it's permanent residency...a second home...or unlimited travel in and out of the country...

If you'd like to live in an English speaking community–shop at Costco or Home Depot...rent movies from Blockbuster and eat at TGI Friday's... there are plenty of places to choose from. (We'll show you ones where prices haven't gone up yet in Mexico – The Owner's Manual.)

Or you may prefer a deserted Caribbean beach as your backyard... or a dramatic Pacific coastal view...where the comforts of home (restaurants, a well-stocked grocery store, medical care, etc.) are just a short drive away...

...or a colonial home in a rustic highland valley...where the weather is a comfortable spring-like temperature year-round...

No matter what your dream, we'll show you where to find the place that suits you best... in Mexico – The Owner's Manual.

But that's not all you'll find...

“The land of opportunity”
– Canadian Business






Mexico – The Owner's Manual, you'll also discover:

  • Mexico's SecretGarden of Eden: The Sian Ka'an Biosphere is a 1.3 million-acre nature reserve with tropical forests, mangroves, savannas, Mayan ruins, and coral reefs. Some areas are off-limits to visitors, but this nature reserve is also the location of two coastal towns where you can still buy a 1/2 acreage beachfront for as little as $79,999! (Here, you won't find any highrises.)
  • The Next Big Property Bargains on the Beach: We'll show you undiscovered, but still affordable, places to buy beachfront property.

On both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, big tourist developments have driven property prices through the roof. Lots that you could have bought for $20,000 a few decades ago, are now worth millions. But don't despair–we know of areas that have yet to boom…hundreds of miles of beaches to be discovered…and we'll show you where...

  • Mexico's Own European Hideaway... It's a historical town with plaza after plaza of fountains...and stately Baroque-style buildings that house restaurants, hotels, museums, offices, and shops.

At night, the streets come alive with strolling musicians, fire jugglers, mimes, and street dancers. Word of this town has recently started spreading among American and European expats wanting a safe and charming place to live. We'll give you all the details in The Owner's Manual.

  • A Beachcomber's Paradise. Unwind in the most beautiful and comfortable place where gentle evening breezes keep you cool...the ocean waters are a comfortable 80 degrees...and the tides roll out for half a mile...
  • Baja California Property Bargains...including the best areas to buy right now.

The Owner's Manual isn't just about dreams. It's filled with detailed contact information, hard-won advice, insider tips–and practical information you can use...

Practical information you can use...

I must emphasize that Mexico – The Owner's Manual isn't only about telling how great Mexico is, without telling you how to make your dream of Mexico a reality. Above all, Mexico – The Owner's Manual is practical.

In it, you'll see the practical, real steps of moving, retiring, buying property, exploring, or investing in Mexico.

Once you have The Owner's Manual, you'll know how to choose the right visa... find the right place for you...and everything in between.

You'll find out:

  • How to buy your Mexican property and avoid future risk...even property located in the “restricted” beach zone
  • How to insure the title of your property...get a cross-border loan...as well as who can provide these services for you (with actual contact information)
  • How to pass your beachfront property on to your heirs without having to pay inheritance taxes
  • How to get full-coverage health insurance in Mexico
  • The best time of year to travel...how to save money, avoid the crowds, and still enjoy sunny days and comfortable nights
  • How to minimize the taxes on your Mexican property
  • What it costs to hire a maid, employ a gardener, visit a doctor, hire a lawyer...and much, much more...

You'll meet fellow Americans who fell in love with Mexico...its rich culture... perfect climate...and affordable living. You'll hear how Mexico–a country they didn't consider moving to–quickly seduced them. How after living in great retirement havens like Panama, Nicaragua and Ecuador...they settled in Mexico and never looked back.

Whatever attracts you to Mexico—the easy living, the glorious landscapes, the extraordinary real estate, the affordable cost of living—we don’t want you heading off unprepared.

That’s why we’ve answered all your questions in The Owner’s Manual... to take you as close as possible to living and investing in Mexico

without buying a plane ticket, flying there, and hiring a private guide...

P.S. Over one million Americans already call Mexico home. And hundreds of thousands are preparing to do the same. It won’t be long now before the world discovers this region’s long-kept secret delights…its secluded beaches…its hidden lagoons teeming with pink flamingos…its peaceful colonial towns…its mysterious underground lakes…and its City of Mansions. But right now, you have a short window of opportunity to get in, while there still are undiscovered pockets that harbor some of the world’s last great coastal and highland property bargains.

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