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Rocky Point Newsletter - October 2019 -RE/MAX


October Newsletter Topics

A. Greetings from Chuck and Jenna
B. What is 'Fractional' Ownership?  It's NOT Time-Share!
C. 10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Halloween
D. Rocky Point September/October Calendar Events
E. Market Analysis September & 2019 Year to Date
F. Featured Listings
G. For sale by Area, Resort and Type + free MLS Sold Report

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A. Greetings from Chuck and Jenna

Hello everyone, greetings from beautiful Rocky Point, Mexico!

As you know, we just took over operations of the amazing RE/MAX business so lovingly built by the MacKenzie family.  Wow, what a well-oiled machine they created!  Don't get us wrong ... it's a lot of work to do and a huge learning curve for us, but we couldn't be happier.  We've so enjoyed getting to meet a lot of YOU, and getting to know our warm and wonderful adopted country. The above photo was taken at a BBQ for our staff, hosted by Luis Larranaga - our in-house real estate attorney.  Thanks for opening your home to us Luis, and for the amazing food!!!

We had a lovely day yesterday as well, driving up to Nogales to complete some Mexican IRS business.  What a surprisingly beautiful and green, mountainous drive!  We especially enjoyed exploring the little town of Imuris.  Nestled in the mountains, it's very reminiscent of Alamos, Mexico.  We can see it becoming a popular American settlement someday.  If you ever go, check out the El Palo Verde restaurant.  It's very quaint and delicious!

Well enjoy our newsletter, and please let us know if you have any questions about the properties within.  We hope you can make it back to Rocky Point soon and please, look us up when you do.  We'd love to see you!!!

All our best,

Chuck and Jenna

B. What is Fractional Ownership?  

Fractional ownership has been around since the 80's.  Fractional ownership is not the same as having a time-share.  A time-share owner does not actually purchase title for that real estate.  When you purchase a fractional, you are actually buying the rights to the title for that real estate.  The difference is that you are buying a fraction of the real estate instead of purchasing the entire real estate. 

Click here to see the article

C.10 Fun Facts You Didn't Know About Halloween

Halloween is a celebration of all things spooky, and in the United States it's surrounded by a few odd traditions like trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving. Here are a few interesting facts about how some of today's practices got started as well as other fun tidbits about the unique holiday.

Clik here to see the article

D. Rocky Point September/October Calendar Events

03 Tekila Bar 4th Anniversary
04 Comidian Mike Salazar Live
05 Tekila Bar 4th Anniversary Point to Point SADR
07 Jacob MorrisLive at WrecKed at the Reef  
01 The High Vibes live at BooBar
02 Funkalicious Beach Volleyball #22               
02 Canelo vs. Kovalev at La Cantina                                                        
04 Horseshoes at the American Legion       
08 19th Annual Rocky Point Rally         
Click here to see details and even more events in RP

E. Market Analysis September and 2019 Year to Date

September is traditionally a slow month for real estate in Rocky Point, and this September was no different.

As for year-to-date numbers, sales are lagging slightly but no more than what's seen in normal fluctuations.  So overall the market continues to be healthy and strong, ready for your investment!

F. RE/MAX Featured Listings

Click on every picture for more information

G. For sale by Area, Resort and Type + free MLS sold Report

        Las Conchas                                       Playa Encanto                      Playa la Jolla

         Playa Miramar                                  Playa Dorada                       Sandy Beach

       Las Palomas                                         Bella Sirena                      Sonoran Sea

      Sonoran Spa                                          Sonoran Sun                     Casa Blanca

      Encanto Living                                        Luna Blanca                      Princesa

                                       Puerta Privada                                    Las Palmas

Listing by Type
                                      Homes                                                           Lots

                                      Condos                                                           Commercial
MLS Sold Report

About Chuck   Chuck's Cell: 602-527-8391 
About Jenna   Jenna's Cell: 602-686-4133

Our Story

For many years we’ve been coming to Rocky Point to enjoy the incredible beaches, endless activities (both adventurous and relaxing) and the warm, friendly Mexican culture.  But every time we found ourselves in the car headed back to Phoenix, sadness and frustration overcame us. We didn't want to leave!

So in 2018 against the warnings of many, but with the envy and well-wishes of many more, we left Phoenix behind and moved to this exciting little beach town!  We have not regretted this decision for a single moment. The locals are so wonderful, and life here honestly is everything we dreamt it would be!

As members of the RE/MAX Legacy team, we can now help you follow your dream!  RE/MAX Legacy sets the gold standard in Rocky Point real estate for service with the highest level of integrity. Established in 2006 by the MacKenzie family, the entire 'MacKenzie Team's' goal is to help you make great decisions when it comes to Rocky Point real estate.  We promise to advise you just as we would our own loved ones.

Ready for the good life?  Give us a call!

Chuck and Jenna Urrea

Chuck & Jenna September Newsletter 2019


September Newsletter Topics


B. Meet your new RE/MAX owners, Chuck and Jenna Urrea
C. Mexican Independence Day
D. Rocky Point September/October Calendar Events
E. Market Analysis August & 2019 Year to Date
F. Featured Listings
G. For sale by Area, Resort and Type + free MLS Sold Report

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Message from Grant and Judy:

THANK YOU for the opportunity to be part of your Rocky Point experience and allowing us to be a small part of your story. It has been an honor to serve you. What an amazing journey it’s been!
Our family owned business has been committed to giving you the best service possible. With this as our foundation and you being our most valued asset, we are proud to announce we’ve found a new cornerstone to carry on the legacy we began 19 years ago. As of September 4th, Chuck and Jenna Urrea are the new owners of the MacKenzie team and are ready to take it to another level of excellence. All we’ve done and believe in will continue to exist and the RE/MAX team remains the same.   
Same great office location just outside of Las Conchas being the first real estate office everyone sees coming out of Las Conchas or in town from the Playa Encanto / La Jolla / Dorado / Miramar area, not to mention the airport.  Same great international RE/MAX Advertising. Same support staff:

We have no greater goal than communicating that the MacKenzie Team remains with absolutely “above the crowd” service for you and your family, friends and clients.
With gratitude to all of you for helping us live our dreams,

Grant and Judy

B. Meet your new RE/MAX owners!


Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  We are Chuck and Jenna Urrea, successors to the MacKenzie RE/MAX business.  We can scarcely express how honored we are to be trusted with their legacy.  The MacKenzies have always operated their business with unwavering integrity and a passion for exceptional customer service.  It is their expectation, and our promise, that these values be continued.  Fortunately through our business ties over the years, the MacKenzie family recognizes that we share their same values and ethics.  The legacy will continue!

Over the past four months, Grant, Judy, Branden, Reyna and Grant Jr. have all worked diligently with us to devise a thorough succession plan.  The good news for you is, much remains the same!  Here are some highlights of our plan:
  • Grant and Judy will continue to be available to you, and to us, throughout this transition.
  • Branden and Reyna will be staying on for a time, focusing on sales.
  • Fabian Nieblas, realtor for the MacKenzie team for 10 years, will take the position of Broker.
  • Exemplary support from all of the team's staff members will continue.
  • Attorney, Luis Larrinaga, will stay on as RE/MAX’s legal advisor.
  • Office location will remain the same.
Our goal is to continue the level of service that you have come to expect from your real estate professional.  We know that we have big shoes to fill, but we're all very confident that RE/MAX Legacy will continue to succeed and grow under our leadership.  To this end, we humbly ask that you continue to reach out to RE/MAX Legacy for all of your Rocky Point real estate needs. And please remember that your generous referrals have always been at the heart of the MacKenzies' success.  Rest assured we will never be too busy for any of your referrals!

Thank you for taking a moment to read our introduction.  We hope to meet each and every one of you very soon.  Please feel to reach out to us with any questions, concerns, or just a friendly 'hello.'  

So, here's to continuing THE GOOD LIFE!!!

About Chuck   Chuck's Cell: 602-527-8391 
About Jenna   Jenna's Cell: 602-686-4133

C. Mexico Independence Day: Sep 16

Mexicans around the globe will celebrate the anniversary of the country’s independence from Spain. The day is marked by a national holiday in Mexico, a reenactment of a historic moment from the revolution’s leader, and an array of performances from fireworks to dance routines.

Often confused with Cinco de Mayo by people living in the United States, Mexico’s independence day is September 16. The date marks the moment when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a Catholic priest known as Father Hidalgo, made the first cry for independence. After a moving speech in the Mexican town of Dolores, Hidalgo took up the banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe, a Roman Catholic image of the Virgin Mary as she appears to Juan Diego, an indigenous Mexican believer who was later sainted by the church.

Click here to see complete article.

D. Rocky Point September/October Calendar Events

02 Horseshoes at the American Legion     
03 Bingo at the American Legion               
07 Nature Talks                                                        
15 Independence Celebration @City Hall        
15 Noche Mexicana @ Penasco del Sol          
16 Mexican independence day

03 Tekila Bar 4th Anniversary
04 Comidian Mike Salazar Live
05 Tekila Bar 4th Anniversary Point to Point SADR
07 Jacob MorrisLive at WrecKed at the Reef  

Click here to see details and even more events in RP

E. Market Analysis August and 2019 Year to Date

Year-to-Date sales for 2019 are currently strongest in the Las Conchas and Sandy Beach areas.  Las Conchas average sales prices are up 14% and Sandy Beach average sales prices are up 7%.  

July August and September are our hotter and slower months, so we look forward to increased traffic and sales starting in October!

F. RE/MAX Featured Listings

Click on every picture for more information

G. For sale by Area, Resort and Type + free MLS sold Report

                     Las Conchas                    Playa Encanto                      Playa la Jolla

                     Playa Miramar                 Playa Dorada                       Sandy Beach

                  Las Palomas                           Bella Sirena                           Sonoran Sea

                   Sonoran Spa                         Sonoran Sun                           Casa Blanca

                    Encanto Living                      Luna Blanca                           Princesa

                                 Puerta Privada                                        Las Palmas

Listing by Type
                   Homes                                                                        Lots

                  Condos                                                                       Commercial
MLS Sold Report

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Chuck and Jenna Urrea
RE/MAX Legacy Rocky Point

Chuck's Cell: 480-459-0855

Jenna's Cell:  602-686-4133

Office US:  602-334-4359

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