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Hola!  We are Chuck and Jenna Urrea, owners of RE/MAX Legacy Rocky Point.  As fulltime residents here in Puerto Penasco, we love everything about this exciting little town!  We would be honored to share our enthusiasm for everything Rocky Point with you, including homes, condos and lots.  Whatever your interest in Rocky Point real estate, we have the expertise to guide you!  Why should you choose RE/MAX?

Experience!  RE/MAX Legacy has been serving Rocky Point since 2006.  It was established by the MacKenzie family who has owned property in Rocky Point since the 1970's.  They built their practice on integrity, honesty and excellence, and the tradition continues!

Resources!  Buying property in Mexico is a big investment.  Our RE/MAX office has the finest resources available to help you make a good decision and so you know that your transaction is secure.  This includes private counsel from our own in-house Real Estate Attorney.

Integrity!  Our RE/MAX professionals will always be honest about the pros and cons of a deal and advise you based on what will serve YOUR best interests.  We care about our clients!  Buying and selling property in Mexico is a complex process, so you want to take advantage of our extensive experience and resources.  This is too important of an investment to use anyone but the #1 trusted name in real estate … RE/MAX!

Newsletter February 2021
Whale Watching Season!

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Rocky Point Update
Hello Friends,

Are you curious about what's going to happen with land travel to Mexico?  Well so are we!!!  You've probably heard about the new COVID testing and quarantine rules now in effect for travelers returning to the US by air.  It's possible that similar rules could be put in place for land and sea travel as well, but there's just no way to know.  We will certainly inform you by Special Announcement if something like that should happen.  In the meantime, we hope those of you who wish to come to Rocky Point for relaxation and recharging do so.  The weather is beautiful, although a little cool, and the streets and beaches are uncrowded.  Plus, it's whale watching season!  We have more information on that below.

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Believe it or not, Rocky Point is one of the best places you could go for whale watching. The Sea of Cortez seems to have something to offer most of the animals, or mammals that live in the ocean. After grey whales have filled up on massive amounts of krill that come to the surface in the Bering Sea, they migrate to the Sea of Cortez which offers an ideal temperature for these whales to give birth to their calves. During this time of year the whales w ill mate and give birth to their calves only to return north again and start the process from the beginning. CLICK for full article from

LINK to Whale Watching Services!


  • INVENTORY:  There's been a huge run on beachfront homes in Las Conchas and Playa Encanto the past few months!  Currently there are only 11 beachfront listings total in both areas combined.  If you have a beachfront property that you're thinking of selling, please let us know.  This is a great time to do it and we'd like to help!
  • SALES:  Sandy Beach is continuing to struggle a bit.  The number of transactions there were down 86% in January.  Las Conchas and Playa Encanto however had a great month!  Again, lots of high dollar beachfront sales.  As that inventory dwindles, buyers will need to start looking for 2nd and 3rd row homes with good views.  Let us know if you've got one of those and we'll help you sell it!
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.