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Welcome to RE/MAX Rocky Point!

Hola!  We are Chuck and Jenna Urrea, owners of RE/MAX Legacy Rocky Point.  As fulltime residents here in Puerto Penasco, we love everything about this exciting little town!  We would be honored to share our enthusiasm for everything Rocky Point with you, including homes, condos and lots.  Whatever your interest in Rocky Point real estate, we have the expertise to guide you!

Why should you choose RE/MAX?

Experience!  RE/MAX Legacy has been serving Rocky Point since 2006.  It was established by the MacKenzie family who has owned property in Rocky Point since the 1970's.  They built their practice on integrity, honesty and excellence, and the tradition continues!

Resources!  Buying property in Mexico is a big investment.  Our RE/MAX office has the finest resources available to help you make a good decision and so you know that your transaction is secure.  This includes private counsel from our own in-house Real Estate Attorney.

Integrity!  Our RE/MAX professionals will always be honest about the pros and cons of a deal and advise you based on what will serve YOUR best interests.  We care about our clients!  Buying and selling property in Mexico is a complex process, so you want to take advantage of our extensive experience and resources.  This is too important of an investment to use anyone but the #1 trusted name in real estate … RE/MAX!

Thank you for visiting our site!


According to this Rocky Point 360 article, the Sonora Health Board has issued tightened guidelines to continue preventing the spread of COVID-19. This comes following spikes across Sonora state. The city remains open and there are no plans to go back to implementing the health filter at entry at the moment.

As of NOV. 2nd until further notice: 
* Citywide curfew 10 PM – 6 AM
* Masks required in cars (when more than 1 person in car – regardless of family/friends/etc)
* Masks are mandatory at eating establishments when entering/leaving/going to restroom – only to be removed when eating
* Social Events (at event centers/salons etc) preferably during day and only until 8 PM and at 40% capacity
* Social Events at homes max capacity 10 people – preferably only family – and no music at high volumes (live bands, loud speakers)
* Only 1 person per family to enter supermarkets, convenience stores – masks are mandatory
* 30% capacity inside supermarkets or department stores
* Only essential services (hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, public utility companies) do not have limited business hours
Also, please be sure to check out new NEW properties in our FEATURED LISTINGS below!

Take care, and we hope to see you soon. 

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  • October 2020:  October was a good month here in Rocky Point! Sandy Beach condos lead the way with 12 sales, compared to 7 sales in October of last year!  We hope this keeps up since sales in that area have been drooping. The average sale price for Sandy Beach condos are still down a bit, but we expect them to rebound when Spring comes back around.  When including all of the beach areas, we saw 22 sales in Oct 2020 compared to 8 sales in Oct 2019.
  • Year to Date:  Something we're hoping to see is an increase in Playa Encanto home values due to the nearing completion of Encantame Towers. While the numbers do show a 12% increase in Encanto sale prices year-to-date, this is not actually the case.  Unfortunately, the average for 2020 is skewed by an unusual sale of a nearly Million dollar home. In actuality Playa Encanto sale prices are holding steady for now, but we do expect a bump sometime next year!  By the way, Encantame Towers is truly a stunning resort, and we encourage you to contact us if you have any interest in purchasing there.
That's it for October.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!